Greece Food Guide: the most popular Greek greens


“Horta” is one of our favourite and most common Greek dishes. It consists simply of boiled wild greens, with olive oil and lemon. It’s delicious, inexpensive and on the menu in every single taverna throughout Greece.

You can also find Greece’s precious greens in pies  – just ask for the cook’s very own hortopita – stuffed vegetable dishes, soups and stews.

Here is a guide to  the most common greens served in Greece:

Vlita: their official name is Amarantus blitum and they are Greece’s ubiquitous summer green

Roka: Greek name for arugula/rocket. Note that rocket seems to take much stronger in Greece than in many other countries, especially the US.

Maratho: wild fennel is rampant on the Aegean islands in the spring and is used in salads, savory pies, fritters, stuffed dishes and many other Greek food staples.

Kafkalithra: is one of the many species of wild chicory found in Greece. It is used in boiled salands and pies.

Radiki: Dandelions are eaten raw or cooked in salads and are very very common. Many a Greek man and woman know how to pick them from the wild.

Tsouknides: stinging nettles are always eaten cooked, often in pie fillings and soups.

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