Situated on the small, yet cosmopolitan island of Mykonos are two distinct ports: the Old Port of Mykonos and the New Port. Join us as we take you on a journey through the captivating sights and viewpoints that await you around each of the charming Mykonos ports.

Old Port Mykonos: Home to yachts and fishing boats

The Old Port of Mykonos is situated in Mykonos town. While it was once the primary hub for ferries, its function has evolved over time. Today, it’s predominantly occupied by luxury yachts that dock during summer.

It also serves as a departure point for boats heading to the nearby Delos Island and its famous archaeological sanctuary.

The southern part of the Old Port teems with life around the clock. Additionally, the traditional fish market of the island is situated nearby, making it a perfect destination to savour some fresh seafood.

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New Port Mykonos: A gateway to modern maritime adventures

New Port Mykonos situated approximately 2 kilometres north of the town, is now the main harbour for ferries. It’s designed to accommodate large boats and cruise ships, ensuring efficient transportation connections for both locals and visitors.

The Mykonos cruise port is conveniently connected to facilitate easy access to the town and the Old Port. You can travel via public transportation such as buses, the Sea Bus, or taxis.

The New Port of Mykonos presents visitors with breathtaking views, particularly during the captivating Cycladic sunsets. Observe this natural spectacle from the harbour and witness the picturesque area transform into a lively nightlife centre.

Docking in Mykonos? Fun things to do around the ports

There are many ways to enjoy the area around the Mykonos ports. For example, you could spend a day on the Aegean Sea and go on a catamaran tour or sailing adventure. If you’re in the mood for a day of sunbathing, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are great spots!

Another famous destination is Little Venice. Here, you’ll discover delightful cafés, restaurants, and bars with stunning waterfront views. It’s also a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll: immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city and witness the arrival of new cruise ships.

From Little Venice, you can conveniently visit the famous Mykonos windmills. The iconic structures were once integral to the local economy, used for grinding wheat and barley into flour. 

Today, six windmills stand proudly on the hill overlooking Little Venice and welcome visitors from all over the world.

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Culinary delights & vibrant nightlife at the Mykonos Harbours

The Old Port area boasts a vibrant culinary scene where you can savour local delicacies. Strolling through the cobbled streets unveils an array of aromas and flavours that will surely whet your appetite. There are several must-try dishes that showcase the island’s unique flavours:

  • Louza – the “prosciutto of the Aegean”
  • Kopanisti cheese – Blue cheese made from raw goat, cow, or sheep milk.
  • Xynotyro – spicy whey cheese from sheep or goat milk
  • Kremidopita – savoury onion pie
  • Kalathaki – tasty almond cake
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While there are many restaurants around the old harbour, options around the New Port may be more limited. Take this into account when you’re planning your day trip and maybe pack a little lunch just in case.

Aside from its fantastic food, Mykonos is renowned as the ultimate destination for its active and vibrant nightlife. With its paradise beaches, bars, and upscale discos, the island lives up to its nickname as the “party island“.

Explore the local arts and crafts shops

The areas surrounding the Mykonos ports offer diverse options, from local crafts and souvenir shops to designer boutiques. The real gems can be found by walking down side streets and stumbling upon smaller, hidden shops. If you’re looking for a special souvenir, Mykonos is renowned for its beautiful gold jewellery pieces crafted by local artisans.

Make the most of your visit

When visiting the Mykonos port, it’s important to plan ahead and consider a few key factors. Always be prepared for the island’s crowds, especially during the peak season. Allow for extra time to navigate the bustling port area.

Conveniently, the areas surrounding both the harbours and Mykonos town are highly pedestrian-friendly. However, if you’re arriving from Mykonos Airport to the New Port and plan to explore the town, you have multiple options for reaching your destination:

  • While it’s possible to walk, it can take approximately 45 minutes and may not be the most convenient choice, especially in the heat.
  • The Sea Bus offers a more pleasant and scenic alternative, allowing you to enjoy views of the bay while travelling to your destination.

Discover the charming Ports of Mykonos: Unforgettable experiences

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