Greece is a popular holiday destination for anyone who likes good food, sunshine and beautiful surroundings. One of the most stunning Greek islands is Paros, which is a true gem and should be on top of the list of every traveller. It offers you everything you could wish for in a holiday destination. Here are the things to do in Paros that will make your stay there an experience you’ll never forget.

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Paros Island - You'll Never Run out of Things to do here

This stunning island lies in the middle of the Greek Cyclades Islands and boasts 120km (75 miles) of coastline to enjoy. With rolling hills, fertile valleys, charming villages and towns and sandy beaches, Paros is the ideal holiday destination. Because of its closeness to other islands such as Mykonos and Satorini, it’s the perfect base for your Greek adventure.

Relaxing on Paros Beaches

One of the best things to do in Paros is to relax on one of its beautiful sandy beaches. One of the most famous ones is Kolymbithres beach. Unique moon-like rock formations make this beach a feast for the eyes as well as dividing it into smaller swimming areas. It’s ideal for families because the water is very calm. Secluded coves provide a quiet spot for the ultimate relaxation on the beach.

Not far away from Kolymbithres beach you will find Monastiri beach. Another stunning sandy beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters. Surrounded by rocky hills, it’s a great setting for bathing as well as relaxing with a good book. For a more quiet place to relax, Kalogeros beach is the ideal spot.

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Exploring Charming Paros Villages

Want to know what to do in Paros if lying on the beach is not your cup of tea? Paros Island is home to many charming villages that shouldn’t be missed. To the north of the island you find the quaint but lively fishing village of Naousa. Representative of a typical fishing village in Greece during the day, Naousa becomes a party town at night.

The village of Lefkes is picture-postcard perfection, with its whitewashed houses with blue doors. A stroll through its narrow streets will enchant you and the many excellent taverns will invite you to stop for some local delicacies. There are many other charming villages to explore, including Drios, Marpissa, Prodromos and Piso Livadi.

Paros Adventure and Water Sports

For anyone who likes to be more active on their holiday, Golden Beach is the place to be. Among the many things to do in Paros are numerous types of water sports. And all of these can be done at Golden Beach, such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, diving and paddleboarding.

For lovers of the great outdoors and wildlife, a hike through the hills of Paros is the perfect activity. Starting from Lefkes, the Byzantine Trail will take you along a thousand-year-old footpath through olive groves, vineyards and wildflower meadows to the village of Prodromos. Or head off to Paros Park, an 800-acre park that features three hiking trails. Explore the rocky landscape and find one of the many secluded beaches for a rest.

There are other fun things to do in Paros in Greece, like horse riding. Trod along the northern part of the island on the beach as part of a riding tour.

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Culinary Journey Through Paros

The cuisine of Pros Island is typical Mediterranean and yet the flavours and combinations are unique. The people of Paros eat a wide range of fish, seafood as well as fruits and vegetables. While meat is eaten, it features less than in other cuisines. And the most popular meat in Paros is goat.

The typical dishes combine saltiness, aroma and sweetness, giving your senses a taste of heaven. Some typical local dishes to try are: clay pot baked chickpeas, artichokes with broad beans, rice with sweet zucchini and garlic kalfas. Of course, Paros also produces its own wine, so make sure to sample the local wine specialities too. The island is renowned for its production of two exceptional PDO wines. A white wine made from Monemvasia grapes and an aged red one made from Mandilaria and Monemvasia grapes.

A Memorable Stay in Paros

There are so many things to do in Paros that you won’t get bored. But for a memorable stay in Paros you also need the perfect accommodation. You want a home from home with a hint of luxury, where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views.

A place where you can come back to after a fun day at the beach or a trip to one of the beautiful villages and relax. Somewhere to enjoy the sunset with a delicious glass of local wine and a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning sun. Make your stay in Paros the best trip ever, a holiday that you and your loved ones will never forget.